Gres Cacao

Grès Cacao is a (Haitian) male enhancement oil which increases length and girth to the male penile naturally. The Cacao melts into oil when heat is applied. After you melt the Cacao you should a substantial amount of it onto the penile and pull forward , up ,right , left ,and down ; one minute each . When the cacao dries as you are pulling , the body and root of the penis will absorb the oil which will cause the muscle to grow in length and width overtime

I recommend you do this easy process 1-2 times per day; First thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. Try not to wear tight clothing which can restrict the penile’s movement , but any normal wear is excellent! You will see results within two weeks of use! This product has no side effects. 100 percent oil extract from the cacao tree. 100 percent organic!! This product is imported from the country side Port- de- Paix , Haiti .4oz container worth two months of use . You will see results during the first two weeks !!!!!!! 100 percent pure Cacao oil extract . 100 percent authentic!! USPS Fast 2-3 day shipping!!!!!! Make sure to use the cacao with aloe vera. Aloe vera can be purchased at any local supermarket and is know to cure erectile dysfunction , dry skin , and many more. Make sure you pull your penis with the cacao and aloe vera twice a day, the longer the better . You have to be consistent with this product to see life changing results. You have to make the penis muscle work , and then the cacao will do its job. You will notice that you will get erected more often which is totally fine and you will be in the mood more. Refrain from masturbating after each use because you are putting the muscle to sleep when you ejaculate which can effect your long term results. You can engage in sexual activities and masturbation but keep it limited. If you are purchasing our cacao just to enhance your sexual activity, enjoy.